Following on from the previous post, we can look at the second option when it comes to editing an existing object – Edit Feature. This was mentioned previously and follows the same principle, thanks to the way that SolidWorks works, allowing you to go back to any feature and change the defining parameters.

This can be done by right-clicking on the feature you wish to edit on from the design tree. Instead of clicking the Edit Sketch tool, chose the Edit feature one instead. This will open up the corresponding toolbar depending on the existing feature. Looking at the box example (now changed to a cylinder), it will bring up the extruded boss/base toolbar which will allow you to change the way you configure the extrusion. In this case, we can adjust the depth to be 20mm and reverse the direction. These changes can be shown in the preview below.

Edit Feature
Editing a Feature in SolidWorks

Being able to edit a feature after it has been made is one of the most useful aspects of SolidWorks. It gives you the flexibility to make changes to the design as it evolves, and if defined correctly enables you to modify one thing without ruining the rest of the model. I can guarantee that you will use the edit feature command numerous times per model as it is so hard to know exactly where the design is going when you first start.

This concludes the basics series, you should now be familiar with how to make simple 3D objects in SolidWorks using a sketch and extrude feature. From here I will aim to expand on each section in more detail, looking at the more complex features and options involved. The first area I will target will be sketches, this will cover all the different tools you can use to make some complex shapes and most importantly how to properly define them to take advantage of the parametric system.




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