Hello and welcome to my first ever blog/tutorial post.

Firstly I would like to quickly introduce myself and explain what I am doing. My name is Stuart and I am a certified SolidWorks professional working as an engineer in the UK. I am a technical person, and as such, I do apologise if there are a few grammatical errors scattered throughout this blog. I noticed that there wasn’t a huge amount of help online for new SolidWorks users which is why I decided to create this website. This was especially evident when I was doing my Certified SolidWorks Professional Exam (CSWP) exam, I was not able to find much help on passing this exam and for the price, I wanted to make sure I had the best chance of passing. I hope this page will, in time, be able to provide enough information and support for a new SolidWorks user that they would be confident on completing the CSWP for themselves.

So what do I want to achieve?

Well, I want to provide a space for:

  • Me to share my knowledge of SolidWorks
  • People to gain knowledge on how to use SolidWorks whether they are beginners or professionals
  • Tips and trick to be shared among the community

Blog/Tutorial Format

I am aiming to post weekly with one to two different tutorial posts describing how to do something in SolidWorks. I will start off basic with each tutorial having examples and tips and tricks where possible, then gradually get more and more complicated as we head towards requirements for the CSPW exam. I will be sure to upload my files so that you will be able to have a look through them, to see how I have done it or compare with your own. I currently only have access to a 2012 professional version, this will be useful as SolidWorks is not backwards compatible and therefore as long as you have a newer version you will be able to open my files.


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